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One of the things that makes divorces and separations so complex is that children may experience instability and frustration adapting to new lifestyles whereby both parents are not present at all times. Florida law recognizes the risk of broken childhoods that often accompanies co-parenting. Therefore, there are parenting plans available that grant equal visitation rights and guardianship to both parents. This way, a child can grow up as normally as possible, with equal access to both parents.

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What is a 50/50 Parenting Plan?

50/50 Parenting Plans allow both parents equal time and care over a child. Parents are able to share equal responsibilities and equal guardianship rights. In simpler terms, parental privileges and access are split right down the middle.

Benefits of 50/50 Parenting Plan

There are many benefits of a 50/50 Parenting Plan. Below are some of the most common benefits:

  • Child does not have to feel guilty about spending time with one parent more
  • Child does not have to feel torn between his/her parents or more loyal to one parent over the other
  • Child gets to spend equal time with both parents
  • Minimized/fewer disputes between parents
  • Child experiences healthy emotional and physical development

Allow a Family Lawyer to Help You

While 50/50 Parenting Plans serve to ensure that a child has a healthy, stable childhood, if it is not arranged properly, it can have devastating effects. Life moves at a fast pace and it is often difficult to predict changes and unforeseen circumstances. A new job or business venture may cause a parent to have to relocate. Likewise, a job promotion or decrease in earnings may cause a parent to have to revamp his/her entire lifestyle. Further, as children grow, they often get involved in extracurricular activities and make friendships. They will naturally desire to spend time with their friends and to participate in social activities which may disrupt co-parenting schedules. In order to protect the interest of the style, parents are expected to do whatever they can to make the coparenting plan work. But with unforeseen circumstances, this is not always easy.

Your unique situation may require the assistance of an experienced family attorney. He/she can help you determine if a 50/50 Parenting Plan is appropriate for you. A family lawyer in Florida can also help you access the assets of you and your co-parent, arrange realistic time schedules, adapt to and plan for unexpected events, and distribute responsibilities and care equally and fairly between the two of you. This way, there will not be any significant discrepancies in your parenting plan.

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A separation and/or divorce is extremely hard to endure. But ensuring that your child has a healthy and positive childhood and upbringing is even more difficult. While 50/50 Parenting Plans have numerous benefits, unforeseen circumstances and improper arrangements can prevent parental responsibilities and privileges from being totally equal. A modification in the parenting plan may also be necessary as a child ages or circumstances change.

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