Department of Revenue Case Lawyers

The Department of Revenue, Division of Child Support Enforcement (referred to as “DOR”) has the ability to establish child support through an administrative process or through a court process. Sometimes DOR seeks to establish child support because the obligee (the person seeking or receiving support) is receiving state assistance such as food stamps or Medicaid. In these situations, DOR will seek child support regardless of whether or not the obligee wishes to pursue the case. However, any person may seek the services of the Department of Revenue in order to establish child support.

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When the Department of Revenue moves forward, child support will be the only issue addressed. Time-sharing will not be addressed in one of these cases. As such, if you are the respondent in a DOR action, it will most likely be in your best interest to move forward to affirmatively seek a time-sharing order either through a dissolution of marriage or a paternity action. Otherwise, the case will end requiring the obligor (person paying support) to pay child support without any right to time-sharing.  

When a court date is set on these cases, DOR will frequently have attorneys present on the day of the hearing to negotiate the case. However, the respondent is not required to agree to what is presented by the DOR attorney. The respondent may seek to have a judge hear the case which may result in a better outcome.

Additionally, the respondent may need to insist on discovery in order to get the financial information that should be exchanged in a child support case. There are certain automatic disclosures that are required in family law cases. Some of these requirements can be waived by the parties while others are required. However in a DOR case, the respondent frequently will not get the petitioner’s discovery unless he/she insists on the information in a legally sufficient manner.

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