Doctor's Divorce Lawyers

With UF Health Shands Hospital and North Florida Regional Medical Center in Gainesville, it is inevitable that many of the divorces and family law matters filed in the 8th Judicial Circuit involve doctors, physicians, nurses and other medical professionals. Our family law firm has handled numerous divorces for doctors, physicians, residents, fellows and other medical professionals. While legally there is no difference between a divorce of a doctor as opposed to any other person, we’ve found that a divorce involving medical professionals often present special circumstances that need to be addressed by an experienced attorney.

Attorneys Experienced in Divorces Involving Doctors

Divorce For Residents & Fellows

Residents and fellows face a special challenge as they are doctors who have an excellent earning potential in a few years, but have very modest incomes during their training. In addition, they are usually over-worked and face non-traditional work hours covering their respective fields. Finally, all residents and fellows face a strong likelihood of relocating out of the State of Florida to begin their new careers once their training is complete. All of this means that a resident or fellow can be at a huge disadvantage if forced to fight a divorce during their training.  

We recognize the problems faced by residents and fellows and work to cater to their specific needs. From delivering needed documents to the hospital to meeting after hours if needed, we know how to accommodate the busy schedule of a doctor-in-training. As we are familiar with the local medical community and how doctors-in-training transition to their careers, we are in a unique positon to assist residents and fellows with their family law matters.  

Considerations for Medical Professionals getting Divorced

Much like residents and fellows, most medical positions still demand more than the typical 40 hour work week. We recognize that local medical professionals have unique challenges when trying to balance work and family. When problems develop that necessitate getting a family law attorney, our office is here for those in the medical community. Established medical professionals who own their own practices or who have obtained significant assets over the years can also face special circumstances during a divorce.  

We address a host of issues that typically affect those in the medical community, such as:

  • Dealing with non-traditional work hours and schedules
  • Addressing student loan issues
  • Valuation issues surrounding a physician’s practice
  • Addressing retirement accounts and programs
  • Dealing with contingent liabilities (possible lawsuits)
  • Addressing complicated tax issues (surrounding medical practice buy-ins)
  • Addressing alimony claims (based on physician’s income)

If you are in the medical profession in any capacity and you have a family law case, contact one of our experienced attorneys. We understand your job and the demands it places on you and will work to create a plan that is right for your case. Contact the Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates for more information.