Establishing Paternity

Paternity establishment is so important for children and families to develop properly. Scientific studies show that establishing paternity leads to active participation and contribution of a father in a child’s life. Fathers are more likely to be present physically, mentally and financially if they are documented with the state. To learn more about how to establish paternity in the state of Florida, you should contact experienced paternity lawyers at the Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates. Receive counsel from attorneys experienced in family law, divorce and paternity issues so that your family can benefit from the best outcome.

Florida Paternity Attorneys

It is not always an easy process for unmarried couples and/or unwed parents to establish paternity in the state of Florida. In some instances, mothers may wish to exclude the father from the child’s life due to emotional and/or personal issues between her and her partner. Or, the mother may wish to make crucial decisions for the child’s future and well-being, such as potentially placing the child up for adoption. If this happens, you will need a putative lawyer to help you, the putative father (a man who has not established a legal relationship with a child, yet declares himself as the father of a child who is born to unwed parents), obtain basic guardianship rights and privileges over the child. With an experience paternity lawyer, you can ensure that you have access and equal legal power over the child. You will be included in any and all matters concerning the child.

No matter what the unique case may be, establishing paternity with a paternity attorney is beneficial for many reasons.

  • Experienced paternity lawyers are well-versed in Florida paternity laws and proceedings. They can advise you on the appropriate paternity action to take given the circumstance.
  • Paternity lawyers can ensure that documents are filed properly and submitted to the right departments in a timely manner. Minor errors in filings and/or late submission of documents often result in unnecessary delays. Many things can happen to the child during this time period. Thus, it is crucial that unnecessary roadblocks are avoided.
  • In the event of paternity fraud, an experienced paternity lawyer can restore your guardianship rights. Paternity fraud occurs when a mother knowingly and willingly documents a man as the father of her child who is not actually the biological father of the child. Paternity attorneys at the Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates have many years of experience of successful resolution in these sort of issues. Our paternity lawyers will fight aggressively to prove you as the father.
  • Paternity attorneys are familiar with family law litigation and advocacy techniques. At the Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates, our experienced paternity attorneys hold family to the highest standard and priority. We will do everything within our legal power to uphold the interests of the child, thereby making the process of determining paternity an easy, affordable and efficient process.

Benefits of Paternity Establishment

  • The birth certificate will carry the father’s name
  • Comprehensive medical reports and documents
  • An opportunity for a healthy father-child relationship
  • Co-parenting plans, time sharing, share custody and visitation rights
  • Financial benefits for the child (i.e. social security benefits, military benefits, child support, etc.)

How is Paternity Established?

In the state of Florida, paternity can be established in several ways.

  1. If the father is present at the time of birth, he may sign the child’s birth certificate.
  2. If the father is unable to sign the birth certificate, he may sign a paternal statement found on most state court’s websites.
  3. If a paternal statement is unable to be located, the unmarried couple may draft an informal statement presenting basic information about both parents and the child. This informal document should be signed and notarized. Then, it should be filed with the court for appropriate proceedings.

How to Prove Paternity

In some cases, a mother may refuse to acknowledge a man as the father of her child. If this occurs, the father may file a petition to establish paternity. After the petition is filed with the appropriate state court, the mother will receive a notice, requiring a response. If the mother continues to deny the father as the biological father of her child, the father’s paternity will have to be proven.

There are many ways to prove paternity in the state of Florida. In most cases, a blood and/or DNA lab test can be administered to both the father and the child to determine if a genetic correlation exists.

Paternity Establishment Lawyers in Gainesville, FL

Experienced paternity attorneys at the Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates have seen it all. We understand the emotional and financial stress (even social stigma) that your family may be experiencing. We are prepared to help you establish paternity in your child’s life so that he/she may grow and develop into a healthy family and household.

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