Uncontested-Divorce Attorneys

When it comes to divorce, there may be situations where both parties are able to agree on every issue of the dissolution of marriage, including but not limited to the time sharing for the children, child support, spousal support and/or the distribution of assets and debts. Other times, the parties may have only been married for a short period of time and the issues to resolve are extremely limited but do not qualify for an annulment in Florida. In either circumstance, the Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates can help you get divorced in an expeditious and efficient manner while protecting your rights.

Lawyers for Agreeable Divorce

An uncontested divorce does not mean that both parties want a divorce. Rather an uncontested divorce is where each party is able to agree to the terms of the divorce before the divorce is filed in court. In an uncontested divorce situation, our attorneys are only permitted to represent one party to the divorce. However, there may be times where the other party is not represented by a lawyer. Our firm works diligently to make sure the case proceeds through the process in an expeditious manner.

In order to proceed with an uncontested divorce, the parties would first need to exchange financial information as required by Florida law. Once financial disclosure has occurred, our attorney would draft the settlement agreement with the client’s best interest in mind. Once the agreement was agreed to by both parties and executed, we would proceed with filing the divorce in court to get the final order of divorce which divorces the parties and adopts the terms of the agreement.  

Even if you are able to agree to the terms of your divorce with your spouse, it is important that you seek the help of an experienced family law attorney to make sure that the agreement is drafted to protect your interest in the future. There are certain issues in divorce that are non-modifiable, which means that you are not able to change the terms of the agreement as to those issues in the event that the terms you agreed to have unintended consequences. For example, one spouse is frequently given the marital home as his/her sole asset. However, the note on the home remains in both parties’ names. If the settlement agreement does not require the refinance of the property, the court will not require the other party to refinance the property. Furthermore, the settlement agreement should provide for what will happen to the home in the event the party keeping the home is unable to refinance. Otherwise, one party could remain on the note for 20-30 years thereby affecting his/her credit with no benefit, while the other party has remarried and is happily living in the former marital home.      

Experienced Divorce Attorneys On Your Side  

Even with relatively little at issue in a divorce, our firm is frequently hired to handle the divorce due to the efficient manner that we are able to process the case through the court system. Our divorce and family law firm handles hundreds of divorces each year which means that our firm is fully equipped to push the case through the court system in the most expeditious manner possible.   

Contact one of our family law attorneys at the Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates to discuss your options for proceeding with an uncontested divorce. We offer free initial consultations; simply call us to speak to one of our knowledgeable family law attorneys.