Attorneys for Filing Injunctions

Some may think that they do not need an attorney if they are the petitioner in an injunction case. The clerk can assist you in filing a petition, and there are clinics such as the Intimate Partner’s Domestic Violence Clinic and Three Rivers Legal Services in Gainesville which can assist you. You are also entitled to have a victim advocate with you to testify if you wish. With all these resources, why would you need an attorney?

Florida Injunction Lawyers

The simple answer to this question is that an experienced attorney can help guide you through the process in a way that makes the experience easier, more tolerable and can give you the confidence to know that your injunction will be granted. Also, if the respondent has an attorney, you should absolutely have an attorney to protect your interest. It’s not that an opposing attorney is unethical or evil, but they are professionals tasked with a very specific job — attack your case in every way the know how. This means they will take advantage of their superior knowledge of evidence and civil procedure if they can. The only way to counter this is with your own attorney.  

If you are the petitioner in an injunction case, consider hiring an experienced injunction attorney to protect your interests in your case. We can work with you to file the injunction and present your case with confidence and authority. It can make the difference between your injunction being granted or denied. Call the family law attorneys at the Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates for help today.