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Many ancient books claims that the presence and role of the father is spiritual. A father’s support and care can have a major positive impact on a child’s life both financially and emotionally. To ensure that your child has all that he/she needs from his/her father, you should contact an experienced paternity attorney. Establish paternity, gain tangible support from your co-parent, and allow the best interests of your child be upheld, ensured, and protected.

Florida Paternity Case Attorneys

When two parents have never been married, it is necessary to pursue a paternity action to get a court order for time-sharing in place. Furthermore, when paternity is established for purposes of child support without a corresponding order for time-sharing, Florida law provides that the parent shall have all time-sharing rights and sole parental responsibility until a time-sharing order is in place. If you have a paternity action to pursue, it is important that you contact a family law and paternity attorney immediately to determine how best to pursue your case as a delay in taking action may prejudice your case.

Paternity & Support

There are numerous benefits for children with fathers who have been established by the court. Fathers can provide emotional support (like basic attention and care for the child); financial support (such as covering expenses related to the child’s welfare including healthcare, education fees, extracurricular activities, and traveling expenses); and general child support (i.e. payments made to the custodial parent to assist with the child’s everyday activities and upbringing). A family law attorney can help with establishing paternity in courts so that a child may have access to all that he/she needs for a healthy and happy life.

Establishing & Disestablishing Paternity

In order to pursue an action for paternity, establishing paternity is necessary. A mother or putative father (a man who claims to be the father of a child, but has not established a legal relationship with the child) may file the case in the county where either party resides by filing a petition to establish paternity. After filing the petition, either party may request that the court orders a genetic testing to determine if the alleged father is indeed the biological father.  

Once the court finds that the alleged father is the biological father, the court will establish paternity, parental responsibility, a time-sharing schedule and other concerns related to the child. Additionally, the court has the authority to order either party to pay reasonable attorney’s fees, hospital or medical expenses, other expenses related to the birth of the child and costs of the proceeding.

For fathers who wish to disestablish paternity, a similar court proceeding is necessary. A petition must be filed and a genetic testing must prove that the established father is not the biological father of the child. Then, the necessary arrangements can be made to correct and update the child’s birth certificate and other public information.

As such, the financial implications of a paternity action may be substantial which is why it is imperative to seek legal representation from an experienced paternity lawyer.

Modifications & Paternity Claims

Furthermore, just as in any case involving children, it may become necessary to modify the final judgment of paternity due to a change in circumstance. Time-sharing and child support are modifiable in a paternity action when a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. To find out whether or not your case meets the requirements for modification of support, it is necessary to contact a child support lawyer to discuss the unique circumstances.  

Paternity Lawyers in Gainesville, FL

A paternity action involves many different facets, and every case is unique. It is important to have competent legal representation to navigate this area of law. Contact one of our knowledgeable paternity lawyers at the Law Office of Silverman, Mack & Associates for a free initial consultation.