Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

Allow a Qualified Attorney to Guide You Through Your Prenuptial Agreement

When you've met the person with whom you want to spend your life, you're likely much more concerned with planning your wedding than worrying about any possible future legal issues. Unfortunately, you can never know what the future may hold, and up to 50 percent of marriages in America end in divorce. Hopefully, your marriage won't become a part of those grim statistics, but you can absolutely save yourself a great deal of trouble by having your prenup attorney draw up a good prenup agreement.

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenup is a legal document that a couple agrees on before they are married, and it primarily concerns the ownership of the assets of each party in the event that the marriage should come to an end by way of divorce, separation or death. These types of premarital agreements are excellent at protecting both parties and ensuring that each person is allowed to leave the marriage with any property that they brought into the marriage. This simple document can considerably alleviate the complications of divorce if your marriage should end.

Benefits of a Prenup

While there is certainly nothing romantic about sitting down with your intended spouse to discuss the particulars of this legal document, there are many excellent benefits to be gained for the both of you.

Consequences of Breaking a Prenup

Like any other legal agreement, a prenup can be challenged if your marriage ends and your spouse feels that he or she is being treated unfairly. Breaking the prenup can be quite expensive in terms of legal fees and create a great deal of conflict and emotional upheaval. This can usually be avoided if both parties are honest with one another and truly agree on the contract that they sign before their marriage. There are several factors that are most commonly used as a basis for attempting to break a prenup.

  • Dishonesty About Assets: If either party fails to fully and truthfully disclose their assets at the time that the agreement is drawn up, then the entire contract can be considered null and void.
  • Signing Under Duress: If your intended spouse surprises you with a prenup just before you walk down the aisle, then you may have good cause to break the agreement. It's extremely important that both parties have the time to look over any agreement and sign it freely and willingly.
  • Incompatible With State Law: In some cases, you may find that provisions in your prenup are not compatible with existing state laws. If parts of your contract are not enforceable by state law or go against Florida laws, then that may nullify your agreement.

The Importance of Consulting a Qualified Attorney

Those who attempt to create their own prenup often find themselves with a useless document when it is needed the most. If you want to be absolutely sure that you have a proper and legally binding contract, then it's important that you choose an experienced and qualified prenuptial agreement attorney to draw up your premarital agreement. A good prenup lawyer will assist you in navigating the antenuptial vs. prenuptial issue and all other legal aspects in regard to putting the best possible prenup together before it's time for you to walk down the aisle. Get in touch with our family law attorneys today, and you can start your new life in a worry-free environment.